Andrea G. Campos Bianchi’s Impressions of the Massive Datasets Opening Workshop

The following is remarks from Andrea G. Campos Bianchi, Visiting Researcher, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, who attended the Massive Datasets Opening Workshop in September.

Andrea Bianchi, visiting professor, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

What a delight to attend the 2012 SAMSI Workshop on Massive Datasets. The tutorials and talks were impressive, and they exposed me to different approaches of Massive Dataset, since the lectures covered a broad spectrum of cutting-edge topics, ranging from randomized methods in statistics to complex high energy physics problems.

As a visiting researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and, originally, a professor at Federal University of Ouro Preto-Brazil, I want to express my sincere appreciation for SAMSI for sponsoring my trip, which make my attendance possible.
Certainly, I will benefit from this workshop and ideas for years to come, specially regarding large data analysis, theory and applications. Looking forward to participate of the Imaging Working Group, and establish collaboration with researchers from SAMSI.
 Big Thanks!

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