Boston Marathon 2013

The following are remarks from Richard Smith, Director of SAMSI.

Three people closely associated with SAMSI were participating in yesterday’s Boston marathon. One of our postdocs, Dorit Hammerling, completed the race in an outstanding time of 3 hours, 21 minutes. Even faster (by a few seconds) was Francesca Dominici of Harvard University, who will be our Simons Foundation Public Lecturer next week. Francesca’s husband, Giovanni Parmigiani, formerly a professor at Duke, also finished the race in a very good time. Congratulations to all three.

Talk of performances and finish times is, however, overshadowed by the tragic events that unfolded after the race. Dorit, Francesca and Giovanni all finished well in front of the bombs and escaped without harm. We at SAMSI express our gratitude that our friends and colleagues are safe, and our sadness and condolences for those who were not so fortunate.

These events resonated particularly with me as I have run the Boston marathon multiple times, and even provided some statistical input when the organizers revised their qualifying times a couple of years back. The Boston marathon is the greatest of all running events and I am sure it will continue. I am determined to go back and run it again myself.

Richard Smith, Director of SAMSI

2 thoughts on “Boston Marathon 2013

  1. thank you Richard, we are all in state of shock and tremendously saddened by the horrible event. I am so glad to hear that Dorit is safe. I am looking forward to see you all next week
    Francesca Dominici

  2. Richard, thank you for writing about yesterday. You are right on about how important it is not to let this insanity have the better on the running movement. This attack feels very personal to me, not just because of the close call, but because so many things that are at the core of who I am were the target: kids, runners, boston, gun control, fundraising for cancer research, all in this together. So I am very grateful for your attitude and I look forward to running with you in Boston next year —it’s been ten years since the last time we battled it on the Newton hills now!
    Giovanni Parmigiani

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