Professional Development Luncheon Featured Robert Rodriguez of SAS Institute

Bob Rodriguez of SAS talking to postdoctoral fellows

Bob Rodriguez of SAS shares his experience working for industry.

Robert N. Rodriguez, senior director of statistical research and development at SAS Institute in Cary, North Carolina, spoke to the SAMSI postdoctoral fellows at a professional development luncheon today. Dr. Rodriguez is responsible for the development of statistical software, including SAS/STAT and SAS/QC software.

table of postdoctoral fellows listening to Bob Rodriguez

Everyone was interested in hearing what Bob Rodriguez of SAS had to say.

Rodriguez shared with the postdocs some tips about pursuing a career in industry. While many postdocs enter academia, several are also interested in careers in industry and government. It was extremely valuable to them to have a fresh perspective on what a career in industry is like.

Two people listening to Bob Rodriguez as he talks

(l-r) Sujit Ghosh, Tom Witelski and Ilse Ipsen, Associate Directors for SAMSI, also enjoyed Bob Rodriguez’ talk

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