Become a SAMSI Postdoc Fellow!

a collage of the postdocs from 2013-14

Our 2013-14 SAMSI postdocs.

SAMSI has a great opportunity for six people to become a postdoctoral fellow next year! Get the chance to collaborate, and mingle with top researchers in your field of interest.

You can apply for either of the two SAMSI Research Programs: Challenges in Computational Neuroscience (CCNS) and Statistics and Applied Mathematics in Forensic Science (Forensics). Appointments (up to 2 years) will begin in August 2015, and will offer competitive salaries, travel stipend and health insurance.

The Challenges in Computational Neuroscience (CCNS) program will develop mathematical and statistical methods for neuroscience applications to understand the underlying mechanisms that bridge multiple spatial and temporal scales, linking the activity of individual components (e.g., molecular biology, genetics, and neuron networks), and their interactions to the complex dynamic behavior of the brain and nervous system. Brain theory, modeling, and statistics will be essential to turn data into better understanding of the brain. The CCNS program will address the underlying methodological, theoretical, and computational challenges. Probability and statistics, dynamical systems, geometry, and computer science will be combined with respect to theory and in applications.

SAMSI’s program on Statistics and Applied Mathematics in Forensics is focused on strengthening the statistical and applied mathematical foundations of forensic science. Forensic science is fundamentally based upon statistical comparisons of the characteristics of materials left at a crime scene to characteristics of possible sources or suspects. These comparisons are often acknowledged by forensic scientists to be highly subjective. A series of reports by the National Research Council (NRC) has raised deep questions about major forms of forensic evidence and has made a clear case for heeding statistical underpinnings for forensic procedures. Evidence from a crime include fingerprints, patterns and impressions (footprints and tire tracks), toolmarks and firearms, hair, fibers, documents, paints and coatings, bloodstains, and fire debris.

To apply, go to, SAMSIPD2015, Job #6133. In your cover letter, please indicate which of the two research programs you are interested in. The deadline for full consideration is December 15, 2014, although later applications will be considered as resources permit.

Criteria for selection of SAMSI Postdoctoral Fellows include demonstrated research ability in statistical and/or applied mathematical sciences, computational skills along with good verbal and written communication abilities, and finally, a strong interest in the SAMSI program areas.

SAMSI is an AA/equal opportunity employer All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply, especially women and members of minority groups.

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