More Impressions from the Computational Advertising Summer Program

Last Friday the Computational Advertising summer program at SAMSI came to an end. The working groups that had met throughout the second week of the program met to talk about the work they had conducted and to talk about potential collaborations for the future.

people listening to lectures the first week

The first week was spent listening to lectures about Computational Advertising.

A couple more people wanted to share their comments about the program, so we are sharing them here:

Zhou Li, Notre Dame University

“I’m just so glad that I’ve come to this workshop. At the beginning, I was not very sure about this program because I didn’t have any clue about computational  advertising. But the workshop did such a good job in introducing this subject. The first 3 days, the lectures given by experts in Computational Advertising provided some important ideas about what this area is all about, and we also got the chance to talk with them in person at a very relaxing atmosphere. As to the following week, it’s all about hands on research experience and group working. I have to say l love the group I worked with. We have people from very different backgrounds and of very different personalities. Actually, it is not only a great chance to learn (D.r Huo is such a knowledgeable scholar in the subject sponsored search bidding,the topic we were working on) but a chance to make friends.
I have to thank Dr. Banks, he is such an awesome  person. We had a great time at his place. Thanks to all the people in SAMSI for organizing the workshop.”

people standing around posters during poster session

A poster session and reception was held the first night to introduce more concepts and give people a chance to socialize.

Qiyi Lu, SUNY Binghampton

“This may be one of the greatest workshops I have attended. The best thing about the program is joining in the working groups.  Our group consists of 8 people, with different backgrounds and skills. I am new to this area. The working group helped me get a deeper understanding of the topics, and the interactions with other participants are a great experience. I spent the best part of my summer here! ”

group sitting at a conference table with laptops

The second week was spent in smaller working groups.

Computational Advertising Summer Program

The SAMSI computational advertising summer program is heating up! Last week, the group met at the Radisson RTP and had a great series of lectures from both professors at various universities from around the country to some of the cutting edge research happening at companies like LinkedIn, Yahoo!, Facebook, AT&T and Maxpoint Interactive.

Christian Posse from LinkedIn before speaking at the workshop

Christian Posse from LinkedIn talked to the people attending the computational advertising summer program at SAMSI.

Some of the people who spoke last week have shared their lectures and are available to view on the SAMSI website.

Zainab Jamal from HP presenting her poster

Zainab Jamal from Hewlett-Packard sharing her poster at the Computational Advertising poster session.

Several of the participants of this program will be sharing their experiences with you in the next few days. Stay tuned for more on this subject!